High-content 3D image analysis

Nilogen’s high-content 3D image analysis offers a visual and quantitative solution to drug efficacy in fresh patient tumoroids:

  • Real-time monitoring of proliferation, cell viability and cell death
  • 3D measurement of the volume, intensity and distance between neighboring cells and objects
  • Receptor occupancy/Antibody binding including bispecifics
  • Oncolytic virotherapy monitoring

how nilogen imaging assays work

nilogen has imaging based immuno-oncology assays

The tumor microenvironment consists of multiple cell types that includes tumor cells and non-tumor cells (fibroblasts, immune cells, blood vascular cells). Nilogen’s quantitative high-content 3D imaging is capable of identifying and quantifying tumor and non-tumor cells present in a fresh patient tumoroid separately in 3D. Further analysis allows for quantitative analysis of tumor cell killing in response to drug treatment.

Multi-color Flow Cytometry Analysis

In-depth evaluation of the tumor microenvironment

Achieve greater insight into the comprehensive biological activity of tumor cells and the immune microenvironment with our intact fresh patient 3D tumoroids and multi-parameter flow cytometry analysis.

Our flow cytometry assays utilize multiple colors to monitor drug mediated changes in the tumor microenvironment to assess treatment response.

We offer optimized pre-designed panels or can custom design multiplex flow panels to help define the mechanism of action and evaluate:

  • tumor infiltrating lymphocytes
  • differentiation of immune cell subsets
  • immune cell activation
  • cell proliferation
Providing powerful insights to pre-clinical responses

Multiplex Cytokine Analysis

Communication is key

Cytokines include: chemokines, interferons, interleukins, lymphokines, and tumor necrosis factors, all produced by a broad range of cell types. Cytokines have a specific effect on the behavior of neighboring cells modulating maturation, growth, and the responsiveness of particular cell populations.

a graph of nilogen assays data

Traditional disassociated 2D models lack an intact TME and disrupt the signals crucial to tumorigenesis and drug response. Nilogen’s 3D tumoroid models preserve these intricate interactions. Nilogen offers a broad range of cytokine analyses including single plex up to 50-plex panels to assess immune activity and drug mediated responses.

Learn about all the panels available for comprehensive multiple cytokine analysis.

Nanostring Gene Expression Analysis

Every detail counts

The traditional biomarker approach is based on a single analyte measurement. The interactions of the cells that makeup the unique characteristics of the tumor microenvironment (TME) involve many different cells that need to be analyzed.

Due to the dynamic nature of tumors and their infiltrating lymphocytes, it is important to look beyond genetic variation to assess the phenotypic changes in protein and gene expression levels in order to fully characterize the immune response to disease. Nilogen’s complementary assays including multiplex gene expression analysis allow for a side-by-side analysis in the same patient sample. With this approach we can analyze drug mediated changes in the TME and help develop biomarkers for response that can be useful in future clinical applications.

IO 360 Expression panel of nilogen nanostring pancancer

Nanostring’s PanCancer IO 360 Gene Expression Panel is a unique 770 gene expression panel that combines vital components involved in the complex interplay between the tumor, microenvironment and immune response in cancer allowing for a multifaceted characterization of disease biology and interrogation of mechanisms of immune evasion.

gene expression profiling image after conducting a TME keytruda treatment

Gene expression profiling of the TME after Keytruda treatment

Analysis of up to 800 genes

In partnership with Nanostring, Nilogen provides in-house gene expression profiling. Combined with our innovative 3D tumoroid approach you can simultaneously analyze the genetic profile of all the cell subsets found in the heterogenous tumor microenvironment and the impact your drug has on this dynamic environment.

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Many other panels are also offered, please inquire for more information.

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