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Improving Immuno-Oncology with True ex vivo Screening

Cancer is complex. In order to find better ways of treating it, we need to see the whole picture. Nilogen’s preclinical drug testing platforms derived from fresh patient tumor samples provide a more accurate view of the tumor’s surrounding environment.

About Nilogen

Nilogen Oncosystems is a contract research organization that offers cancer drug development services for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

In our CLIA-certified lab, Nilogen performs correlative studies between ex vivo drug responses and multiple aspects of the tumor microenvironment to develop companion diagnostics that can be applied to clinical trials and patient care. Our expert PhD scientists can assist drug developers throughout every phase of the project, from the design and execution of the study to the preparation of the final report, including interpretation of the data.

Our proprietary drug testing platforms utilize fresh patient tumor tissue with intact tumor immune microenvironment to accurately assess the therapeutic potential of drug treatments.